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November 22 2014

Tuba owner

For two years I've had an RSS feed alert me to cheap tubas on Craigslist. Even century-old instruments are hard to find under $500. But last night, me and Sandwich girl took joint custody of a 1930's British army Eb marching tuba!

We picked it up from Oakland, and the owner's first action was to give everyone very nice alcohol. I'm looking forward to learning to play it.

November 19 2014

November 14 2014

November 04 2014

October 28 2014

September 28 2014

Back with minutae

The Ello hype has pushed me back to this platform. I miss tribe's community, but LJ actually works just fine if nobody reads it.

Today I was supposed to pickup Johannes, but his flight was delayed. Whit is going to get him tomorrow while I go to an important engagement in the Mission. I got lunch with Amber in the park, catching up. Returned home to finish cleaning the apartment. Practiced trumpet, then went to play Call of Cthulu with bryce, colleen, ben, and new folks.

Next week is Arse-Elektronica, which marks one year since I've seen M & R. I'm giving a talk called "things I will never build". Hope to get that figured out soon.

For my birthday I'm considering a trip to an abandoned gold mine in a reservoir which has been revealed by the drought.

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Anniversary 17
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